Android + Live Chat = Advantage, Your Business

Posted on: 2011-05-19 | Categories: Uncategorized

Level 7 Systems has made Live Chat services available for Android users. Businesses can now meet customer needs for sales, service, and immediate information from anywhere.


LONDON, May 19, 2011 — As the popularity of Android based devices and the use of the Internet for sales and marketing increases, the relationship between businesses and their customers has once again expanded. Level 7 Systems Limited and its service provider announced today in London, UK the availability of the Internet based live chat services via Android based devices.

With this announcement comes increased access to Live Chat services. The online business can now provide information, support, and service to their customers from anywhere their Android device reaches. This is a win-win for business and customer alike. The business using Live Chat is no longer tethered to a computer, while the customer receives increased access to the business. This new Android application means that Live 7 Systems has taken the next step in interactive real time customer service.

As Level 7 Systems points out, today’s announcement is in response to the rapid growth in popularity of Android. According to Alan Jones of Level 7 Systems “The addition of the Android based devices to our services has many benefits. This is especially true for start-up/small business owners. They can avoid the expense of a dedicated support/sales team, by handling chat requests themselves – often when on the move outside of the office.”

Alan went on to say “Today, Live Support Chat offers benefits to many businesses. In the competitive market of today things like being able to ask for product information, support, or offer a suggestion about a product or service and receive a real time answer via the computer is important. The introduction of the use of the Android devices truly expands our ability to provide live chat services.”

Available today in London, UK and worldwide through those interested can learn more be visiting the web site at

Download Press Release in a PDF format:

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