Level 7 Systems launches its new flagship product, GoTrunk.

Posted on: 2016-06-02 | Categories: News VoIP

Expanding the VoIP offer with SIP Trunking

Creating a long-term enterprise communication strategy involves a lot of decisions and choices, most of them binary in nature. Should you upgrade to VoIP or stick with your existing analog solution? Purchase new equipment or use your old hardware with adapters? Hosted VoIP or SIP trunks? There are pros and cons to each alternative but it was generally difficult to combine multiple options together.

For instance, the general trend is for smaller companies to prefer hosted VoIP while larger organizations use SIP trunking. The former option eliminates the hassle of set up and maintenance while the latter is significantly cheaper over the life of the equipment. But what if you could combine the two to provide different solutions for different parts of your organization?

Level 7 Systems launches GoTrunk

There are quite a few businesses that could benefit from having SIP trunks to a few locations such as their headquarters while regional offices or smaller units can use hosted VoIP. While this approach can combine the benefits of both, it also throws up new issues such as integrating the two systems, reconciling billing between multiple vendors and the difficulty of estimating monthly or annual expenditure.

Level 7 Systems – the company behind VoIPstudio – has launched GoTrunk to expand their VoIP service with SIP trunking. GoTrunk enables organizations to utilize SIP trunks with their existing IP PBX solution as long as it is based on the SIP standard. This means companies can purchase hosted VoIP services or SIP trunking services from the same company. It opens up new opportunities for businesses that were simply not available before.

One account, multiple services

Finally, organizations have the flexibility to choose different solutions for different units, subsidiaries or locations. They can make this choice depending on various factors such as the availability of equipment, expertise, amount invested in existing solutions, the need for control and flexibility etc. Since both services are being provided by the same company, clients do not have to wrestle with multiple accounts.

Suppose a company decides to use GoTrunk for their regional offices while smaller units can rely on hosted VoIP. They can now purchase and manage both these services under the same account. It means you don’t have to reconcile multiple billing dates and cycles between different vendors.

Seamless integration

A significant barrier for organizations to mix and match cloud VoIP and SIP trunks is the problem of integration between disparate systems. Since GoTrunk and VoIPstudio are both based on the SIP standard, organizations do not have to worry about call management at all. As long as the equipment at different locations is SIP compatible, there should be no issues about utilizing both services within the same company.

Another issue that is solved by the same company offering both services is that of estimating monthly expenses. One account makes it easier for the organization to forecast monthly and annual expenses for short-term and long-term planning. There is no need to waste time in figuring out how much is being paid to each vendor every month and then consolidating the data in one place.

Making SIP trunking easy to use

The GoTrunk service makes it easy for organizations to use SIP trunks, almost as painless as utilizing hosted VoIP. The configuration and settings are accessible through a web portal, similar to the dashboard in VoIPstudio. Even those organizations that have in-house expertise to set up and maintain PBX systems do not want to waste time in configuring or connecting the SIP trunks. GoTrunk can save your business both time and money that would otherwise be spent in maintaining the system.

SIP trunking becomes flexible

Organizations going the SIP trunking route, flexibility is an important issue. Sometimes vendors require clients to purchase a minimum number of trunks or channels. Even if that is not the case, you may not be able to add or eliminate channels as and when you need to. With GoTrunk, your company can add SIP channels and new accounts to cope with seasonal demand, growth or even economic downturns.

This scalability has long been associated with hosted VoIP and is also advertised as a major selling point. Now there is no reason that organizations cannot enjoy the same benefits for SIP trunking as well.

Since VoIPstudio and GoTrunk are services offered by the same company, the latter benefits from their expertise and experience. For instance GoTrunk also offers a 30 day free trial which is not automatically renewed or charged to a credit card. Once the trial is over, you can contact the service to setup the paid account. There are no also no contracts, just simple and easy to understand payment terms. Since GoTrunk is compatible with any SIP-based PBX software, there are no barriers if you want to switch trunking providers or even your preferred SIP solution.