VOIPstudio announces new partnership with CounterPath

Posted on: 2015-07-28 | Categories: VoIP

Leading business telephony provider VoIPstudio today announced it has selected CounterPath’s Bria softphone for use with its service. Now, new and existing softphone users will be able to easily register to use VoIPstudio’s reliable, business class VoIP and Cloud PBX under commercial or trial terms, regardless of their device, operating system or network.

VoIPstudio Marketing Manager Martin Ozarek says: “We selected CounterPath’s award winning Bria softphone because of its quality, reliability and efficient user interface across multiple devices. Existing users of VoIPstudio already have access to our free, world-class softphone solutions for a huge range of devices, but this decision gives them the option to use the industry leading Bria softphone if they wish. Everyone wins. Furthermore, the integration between the two solutions is seamless. Bria users simply enter their VoIP username password and display name. The Bria software will feature a prominent link to a VoIPstudio trial.

VoIPstudio is a cloud-based PBX that delivers high quality, reliable business communications on the internet, desktop handsets and mobile devices. The solution delivers simplified billing, outstanding call quality and exceptional levels of reliability. As a cloud based system, VoIPstudio also delivers a robust solution with fast and painless disaster recovery.

CounterPath’s Bria 4 is a carrier-grade next generation SIP softphone client that allows users to make VoIP and Video calls over IP networks, see when contacts are available, and send Instant Messages. CounterPath’s Bria also supports optional add-ins and services such as Screen Share and Outlook®.

The Bria is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Virtualized environments, Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices including iPhone and iPad.

More information on the Bria 4 is available at: http://www.counterpath.com
More information on VoIPstudio can be found at: http://voipstudio.com

About VoIPstudio
VoIPstudio is a cloud-based business telephone system created for organisations that require professional communications features without the hassle and expense of owning and managing on-site PBX equipment. VoIPstudio handles all maintenance and upgrades, allowing business users to focus on core activities rather than trying to configure and run their telephone system. All user configuration is handled through a simple web portal.

Internet and VoIP calls are free, meaning co-workers can talk to each without any additional charges no matter where they are located – in the next room, in a different city or on the other side of the world, they are just one extension away.

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