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We use Xen VPS servers for most of our infrastructure in the UK and US. If you are looking for a reliable UK based Xen VPS look no further and go straight to – for the last 24 months their service was excellent. Network and Xen hosts rock stable. I can’t remember contacting their support except for usual matters such as PTR records etc

In the US we use Linode who initially seemed like a very good hosting partner. Unfortunately in recent months their service degraded significantly (at least in the Newark facility which we use). You can find the most serious issues on their status page: however as member of Linode support team explained to us:

“[…] If there is an issue that affects the majority of our customers, we will post it to However, as the reboot only affected a couple of host machines, we opted to directly send tickets and emails to customers affected.”

Sadly official status page is just a tip of an iceberg. To give you a flavour of frequency of issues that are never posted on Linode’s status page, below you can find some of the recent Support Ticket:

2012-07-08 12:16:10 PM

2012-07-11 03:26:46 PM

2012-07-11 03:38:52 PM

2012-07-13 03:47:55 PM

2012-07-17 07:54:50 AM

2012-07-20 08:58:00 AM

2012-08-10 06:41:45 PM

 2012-08-21 07:58:33 AM

2012-08-22 07:41:10 AM

In next few weeks we will be migrating all our US VPSs to a different Linode’s data centre, so I will keep you updated if Newark facility is a black sheep among other data centres operated by Linode and the company provides more reliable service in other locations. If not, the next step will be to switch to a different hosting partner.

Update: 6th Sep. 2012

In preparation to migration to another Linode’s facility I have analysed all Issues and Maintenance reports published at It seems Atlanta will be the facility where we will be moving to,


2012 2011 2010
Newark 4 1 7
Fremont 3 6 9
Atlanta 2 2 3
Dallas 2 1 10


2012 2011 2010
Newark 2 2 2
Fremont 2 2 1
Atlanta 2 6 1
Dallas 11 6 3