Live Chat Feature for Handheld Devices

Posted on: 2011-03-12 | Categories: Uncategorized

The Ability to Deliver Live Customer Service and Sales Support by means of Live Chat has just expanded. Customers can now receive an immediate answer to their questions via Android and iPhone Devices.


The relationship between businesses and their customers has expanded again. Announced today in London, UK by Level 7 Systems and its service provider is a Live Chat feature for Android and iPhone users.

This expansion of services by provides its business partners increased capacity to serve a new segment of customers. Live Chat will continue offering computer based services which allows the customer and the business representative to interact in real time via the internet.

Today’s announcement is in response to the rapid growth in the use of handheld devices. This feature means that live-help communications is no longer limited to having access to a computer.

According to Alan Jones of Level7 Systems “the introduction of the Android and iPhone feature takes live chat to the next level. Businesses using our service have long enjoyed the benefits of a customer being able to ask for product information, support, or offer a suggestion about a product or service and receive a live response via the computer. The use of live chat has resulted in increased sales, fewer returns, and a more satisfied customer. With more and more people relying on their hand held devices this new feature will be s a real bonus to customers and is sure to have a positive effect on businesses.”

Available today in London, UK and worldwide through those interested can learn more be visiting the web at

Download Press Release in a PDF format:

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