Hosted PBX – the new standard equipment for fast growers

Posted on: 2015-03-16 | Categories: VoIP

Internet has become a part of the modern marketplace. Every business is looking to online platforms for new ways of conducting sales and managing communication.

So what can a company do on the internet?

  • fundraising – it is very easy to showcase new products and raise funds for production
  • customer relations can be managed faster and more efficiently online
  • providing informations and solutions to prospective clients and customers
  • selling products and services to end users and other companies
  • connect to retailers and other similar organisations

It is crucial for all businesses to stay connected to their customers . If your business is growing fast, it is important to choose flexible solutions that will be able to grow and adapt to the changing needs of your organisation.

In 2015, the best industries for starting a business include:

  • Software Publishers
  • Computer System Design
  • Security Services
  • Employment Services
  • Advertising & Publish Relations
  • Robotics and New Technology Development

These are some of the fastest growing industries this year. However, with new opportunities comes problems if you grow and develop quickly, you will know what we are talking about.

Unique features of fast growing businesses

As new markets are ready for the products and services offered, the number of employees and customers increase. This means that costs get higher every day and it is more difficult to cover the entire organisation’s hardware needs.

Telecommunication for fast growing business – all you need is a flexible platform which can grow with your company. That is why so many organisations are moving to Hosted PBX. Telephone in Cloud is a fast, reliable telecommunications solution that allows you to make phone calls without any expensive hardware. With this cloud based telephone system, you can connect as many extensions as needed, without any waiting for new virtual number or any problems with infrastructure.

When using VoIPstudio’s Cloud PBX you do not need any new equipment and managing all incoming and outgoing calls is done with the help of an intuitive and easy to use web panel. And best of all is that communicating through VoIP lowers costs by up to 50% . Try our free 30 day trial today!