Breakthrough connector integrates voice and video calls into any web app

Posted on: 2015-06-01 | Categories: VoIP

VoIPstudio, the specialist in high quality business VoIP communications, today announced the launch of its new Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Connector.

The CTI connector delivers easy, fast integration between VoIP Cloud PBX services and virtually any web or cloud applications. It draws on technology developed for powerful business solutions – such as integrating VoIP and CRM systems.

The VoIPstudio CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) Connector makes it possible for companies or developers, to create a bespoke integration between VoIP  services and any web-based application.

VoIPstudio Marketing Manager Martin Ozarek says: “This solution lets you connect any web application to the VoIPstudio Cloud PBX. You could use it with your CRM platform, something many of our business customers are already doing. It can also be used for planning software, ERP, workflow organisers – almost any business application that uses the web. But the possibilities really are intriguing and go much further than simply business applications.

“There’s much talk today of the Internet of Things – where objects around us are connected to the worldwide network. Our CTI Connector allows you to do this yourself – to connect up your home, office, even your car with the whole Internet of Things. Basically, you can connect anything to your VoIP Cloud PBX phone system and use voice or video communications.”

The VoIPstudio CTI Connector provides outbound and inbound call support along with easy integration with cloud applications. It can be used on web-based platforms or self hosted solutions and delivers live connectivity for applications with voice and video support.

The company anticipates the new solution will appeal to a wide range of users, including: IT managers attracted by the ease of implementation; company owners who want to save money by extending the use of cost-effective cloud PBX services; and software developers who want to connect their apps to a voice and video platform. It will also be of interest to tech companies looking at the possibilities inherent in the Internet of Things.

“We are offering free help for software and Internet of Things developers, to showcase the capabilities and explain just how easy yet powerful this integration can be,” says Mr Ozarek.

The VoIPstudio solution is similar in some ways to WebRTC, which provides browsers and mobile applications with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple APIs. Mr Ozarek says the VoIPstudio solution is superior to WebRTC in a number of important ways.

First of all, because the VoIPstudio solution does not depend on peer-to-peer technology, it can deliver all of the advanced telephony functionality available within the VoIPstudio platform. It also offers connectivity with a ‘traditional telephone’ PSTN network “out of the box”. Perhaps most importantly of all, the VoIPstudio solution works in all web browsers. WebRTC, on the other hand, is not currently supported by Internet Explorer which limits its use in business applications.

More information on the development of the solution and how it works can be found on VoIPstudio’s blog

Detailed information is available through VoIPstudio’s official Cti.Connector

Functionality of the  CTI Connector can be tested by signing up for a VoIPstudio trial account. The connector and its dependencies can be downloaded from the company’s website, and installation is as simple as copying and pasting a few lines of code.

About VoIPstudio
VoIPstudio is a cloud-based business telephone system created for organisations that require professional communications features without the hassle and expense of owning and managing on-site PBX equipment.

VoIPstudio handles all maintenance and upgrades, allowing business users to focus on core activities rather than trying to configure and run their telephone system. All user configuration is handled through a simple web portal.

Internet and VoIP calls are free, meaning co-workers can talk to each without any additional charges no matter where they are located – in the next room, in a different city or on the other side of the world, they are just one extension away.

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